Why Use a Professional Removals Company?

The question is bound to crop up sooner or later before moving day: ‘do we hire movers, or try to do it ourselves?’ For some, the allure of saving money is too strong to resist, so they take on the whole task themselves – from beginning to end. While a noble endeavour, this doesn’t always end up being the right choice. In fact, you might find that once you use professional movers, you’ll stay away from the front seat of the moving truck for good.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons a removals company is the way to go.

You’re covered if something breaks

A key part of any move is fretting over worst case scenarios. Should one of these come true and a breakage occurs during transit, insurance offered by professional movers means you’ll be able to claim some money back.

If you smash a vase or drop a set of dinner plates on the kerb during a DIY move, you’ll be left footing the bill for replacements on your own. Insured movers provide a level of peace of mind you simply don’t get when you move yourself.

Damage is much less likely in the first place

While insurance covers you in the event of a breakage, the experience of professional movers – and the packing equipment they use – means any damage is far less likely to occur at all. This is not the case with most DIY moves. From packing materials and wrapping techniques to the transportation, loading and unloading of belongings, without the attention and expertise of a trained mover there’s a lot more risk involved for every item.

You save time

Moving home is a notorious time-sink, but you can easily alleviate that commitment by enlisting a removals firm. Not only will a team of movers take care of the heavy lifting, they’ll also coordinate and plan your move to your requirements. You’ll be able to have as much or as little input as you deem necessary, so you’re free to go off and deal with all the other niggling issues that are likely to need your attention.

It’s far less stressful

Hand in hand with saving time is the amount of stress saved when you hire a moving company. Instead of juggling the packing, the planning, the paperwork and the logistics of your move, you can leave the bulk of the heavy duty stuff to your movers.

This is a lifesaver on moving day itself, because you barely have to focus on the physical moving of your boxes. As long as your movers know what’s going where, then moving day will feel like it’s simply happening in the background. You can relax and breathe a little – and let the excitement set in now you’re almost across the finish line.

It’s safer

In the rush of a DIY move, accidents and injuries are more likely to occur than you might think. Training makes all the difference, and professional movers are fully trained in proper lifting techniques, as well as driving bulky moving trucks and navigating them through busy roads.

For heavy or bulky furniture – or unique belongings, like a piano – trained movers will also know which equipment to use to ensure their own personal safety. This becomes especially important when they’re moving difficult pieces of furniture through narrow corridors, doorways and stairwells.

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