What Goes Into a Moving Day 'Survival Kit'?

For many people, moving day can be a totally stressful and rather unpleasant experience, especially if you’re planning to carry out the move on your own merit. One helpful way to make the whole process that much easier to handle, is packing up your very own moving day survival kit.

Fill out a bag or two with the essentials, and voila, you have a slew of emergency items from food and drink to clothes, gadgets and more, to help you through.

In this article, we’re looking at the importance of a dedicated survival kit for moving day, as well as what exactly one should contain.

Why carry a ‘survival kit’?

During any move, there’s a chance for the unexpected to happen. Delays, illness, pet/child trouble, there are plenty of things that might need immediate attention. With all of your possessions safely packed away in boxes, an emergency essentials kit can be a lifesaver.

For instance, if you arrive at your new home much later than expected, some easy to access supplies like food, clothes and toiletries will make your arrival much more comfortable, allowing you to deal with the bulk of your belongings the next day, once you’ve had some much needed rest!

What goes into a moving day survival kit?

The best way to approach a survival kit is to think about what items you might need for the first day/night in your new home. It makes sense to stagger the unpacking process, and that might mean being without certain items for a day or two. A survival kit will ease you through this period. So what sort of things should go into your moving day box of essentials? Here’s a list of some items, and reasons you’ll want them by your side:

  • Toiletries – soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towels, toilet paper etc. Perfect to use on the night of arrival and the next morning, to keep you nice and refreshed!
  • Emergency phone and chargers/power banks – If you need to make an emergency call, or find some information on the internet in a hurry, a fully charged phone will be vital, so make sure to keep one or more handy.
  • First aid kit – A travel first aid kit is always a good thing to have with you. Any cuts, scrapes or injuries can be quickly dealt with instead of having to sift through all of your boxes to find the right supplies.
  • Medication – From painkillers and cold medicine to any prescribed medication you might need, keep them to hand so you can immediately handle any complaints or illnesses that might crop up.
  • Full change of clothes for everyone – Include pajamas here too, and everyone can keep comfortable after a hard day’s work.
  • Easy-to-prepare food – Cereal for the morning, pasta or tinned foods for dinner. Opting for a takeout on the first night is also a popular choice.
  • Snacks and drinks – Bring some nibbles along for the ride, as well as bottled water and a flask of hot drink or soup to wash it all down. Moving home builds an appetite, so you’ll need something to keep you going throughout the day!
  • Disposable cups, plates and cutlery – Perfect for fast evening or lunchtime use without the hassle of cleaning up.
  • Kettle and cups – For those all-important cups of tea. You can pack some sugar, coffee and tea bags in plastic sandwich bags, and grab a small bottle of milk from the shops to set you up for the first day.
  • Sticky notes, pens and pencils – Use these to note down any jobs you’ll need to handle in the first few days and stick them in easy-to-see places. You can deal with these chores once you’ve settled in, but it’s always good to keep them in mind.
  • Utility knife – If you need fast access to a certain box, or need to do some makeshift adjustments, a pocket utility knife will definitely come in handy.

For kids and pets

Travelling with pets and children brings its own complications. Here are some extra things to bring to keep them happy throughout the move:

  • Nappies.
  • Baby food and pet food.
  • Entertainment – tablets and toys for children, a favourite toy or two for your pet.
  • List of local numbers: Vets and doctors in case something happens.
  • Location of shops, doctors, hospitals – know where these are in case you need emergency help, or have to find some extra supplies quickly.

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