5 Must-Know Packing Tips for Home Moves

No matter how far you are into the removals process, you’re going to need a plan when it comes to packing. Sorting all your belongings and getting them ready for the move often proves the most stressful, difficult part of any house move. To make sure you’re prepared for the job, we’ve put together these five top tips.

Don’t skimp on packing materials

If you opt to take care of the packing yourself, it’s important that you make the right choice when it comes to packing materials. Keeping your possessions safe is the main goal here; you’ll need reliable boxes of varying sizes for the majority of your items, but it’s also vital you don’t forget about the extra bits and pieces. Wrapping paper and bubble wrap are a must for your fragile glass and dishware, while a specialist wardrobe box saves a lot of hassle when packing up your clothes (just hang them directly from your wardrobe and you’re good to go!). Reputable moving companies often sell quality packing materials, so try to resist relying on newspapers and pillowcases to keep your valuables safe, they simply don’t compare.

Pack an essentials box

Completing a house move is gruelling, there’s little way around it. Once you’ve made it to your new place you’ll want to sit back and relax. But how can you do that with all your boxes still piled up? Easy, just use some foresight and pack a handy box of essentials. Essentials basically means ‘things you’ll need on the first night after the move’. Think toiletries, spare clothes, snacks, basic cooking equipment, cutlery, any important medication, and a first aid kit.

There might few a few extra bits you’ll need, so start creating an essentials box a couple of weeks before the move – you can add to it as you go before finalising it on the day. Keep it close by and easy to access and you’ll have a much more comfortable first night in your new home – allowing you to leave the rest of the unpacking until the next day.

No hazardous items

By law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous items in their truck. While packing, take note of any hazardous items you might have in your home and make sure they aren’t put in with any of your other possessions. Corrosive, flammable and explosive items are a no-go, so any machinery that runs on petrol – garden machinery, for example – needs to be emptied/drained before being packed up and ready to move.

Paints, cleaning equipment, pesticides and the like should be used up or safely disposed of before the move. The same goes for perishable foods, so save the big shop until you’re settled in.

For a full list of what can and cannot be packed and moved by a removals company, get in touch with your removals firm.

Enlist specialist help

If you have one-of-a-kind, valuable, fragile or antique items to move, get specialist packing assistance. Moving a piano, for example, without dedicated piano-moving equipment is a recipe for disaster, and specialist experience and know-how is invaluable. For true peace of mind, enlist the professionals to pack any specialist equipment for you. This way you won’t risk any damage due to unreliable or unsubstantial packing protection.

Hire a removals firm from the outset

Packing, like any other part of a house move, gives you a lot to think about. The best stress-saving tip we can give you is to hire a removals firm to take care of all the packing for you. Doing so frees up a huge chunk of time and energy that you can use to focus on other aspects of the move. Reputable removal firms, such as Two Men And A Truck, will survey your home and plan out your move with meticulous attention to detail. All the heavy lifting and packing organisation can be taken care of without you having to lift a finger, allowing you to breeze through the packing process like it was nothing.

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