Moving house unpacking tips: How to unpack in your new home

Unpacking properly in your new home is important if you want to remain organised, tidy and above all, if you want to avoid any additional stresses. Take a look at our top house unpacking tips to help you focus your unpacking.

How To Prepare For Unpacking

So you’ve finally got the keys to your new home, but now comes the difficult part of organising the rooms. Unpacking isn’t a job people usually relish but you can make the transition smoothly if you do your preparation work before you arrive.

  • Clean from top to bottom  Unpacking possessions into a dusty, grimy or dirty house is not the best way to start things off. While the new house is empty, give it a thorough clean, this will stand you in good stead with cleaning duties.
  • Keep a room set aside for your pets – Unpacking while your cat or dog goes into a frenzy in the new house is more than you have time to handle. To avoid spooking them, and to integrate them slowly, have a room set up for them and keep them confined during the unpacking process.
  • Bring in the furniture first – Before you start rummaging through boxes and unwrapping items, bring the big furniture items in first. This way, you will have more space to manoeuvre items and you won’t risk tripping over boxes while lifting heavy loads.

Unpacking The Essentials

Remember last month when we said “pack an essentials box”? Well now is the point at which you’ll be thanking us for that little piece of advice. However stressful the day turns out to be, you’ll have the basics within reach at any time.

  • Leave a box at the new house – By leaving a box at the house, you can separate a few items out. For example, you won’t need toilet roll on the drive, but you might want some food and drink while you’re on the go. This way, everything is in the right place, without you having to take the box around with you.
  • Wear the clothes you packed – You should be wearing the clothes you packed for yourself to carry out the move in. This ensures you don’t need to open any boxes until everything is done, allowing you to pack your clothes for the move before it happens.

Unpack With Military Precision

Everything may finally be in your new home, but there will no doubt be mountains of boxes and possessions, leaving you with a new headache: where to start. Having a plan of action will make things quicker and easier, allowing you to settle into your new home without drowning yourself in the usual chaos.

  • Put boxes in the right room – Make things easy on yourself by putting boxes in the right room using the labelling we suggested last month
  • Lift from the knees – It’s easy to try and do too much all at once, but remember to lift with your knees and slowly raise the item up without jarring your back
  • Have a bag for rubbish – Torn cardboard and popped bubble wrap will need to be disposed of before it turns the house into a mess, so have a bin bag handy
  • Unpack the communal rooms – The bathroom and kitchen need to be unpacked first to ensure they can be used straight away, leave bedroom unpacking for later

Now you’re finished you can put your feet up, stick the kettle on and relax. If you’d prefer to put your feet up without having to lift a finger in your move however, simply contact Two Men And A Truck and we will take care of the packing and unpacking for you.