Who Do I Need to Tell I've Moved?

Amidst the hubbub of a house move, it’s easy to lose track of all the different people, organisations, services and utilities that you’ll need to tell about your plans. While you can probably afford to forget about some of those old circulars that keep finding their way to your door, you should make sure the essentials are not left behind.

To help make the transition easier to manage, we’ve put together this list of parties you’ll need to tell when you change your home address.

Your bank

Probably at the top of your list, your bank will need to know as soon as possible of your new address. Should you ever need proof of residence, realising that you never updated your address with your bank can cause a stressful delay. You’ll also miss out on paper statements and updates regarding your account, and you’ll also put yourself at risk of identity theft.

Your employer

Just as important as your bank, tell your employer as soon as you move. They need up to date contact information, and your payroll will need your current address. Also, you’ll need to update your address for your workplace pension scheme.


Forgetting to notify the HMRC means your:

  • Tax
  • National Insurance
  • Pension
  • Benefits

Won’t have your correct information associated with them. Down the line, this could cause major issues. You can notify the HMRC via their website, so do this promptly.


If your children are staying in the same school after the move, you’ll still need to update your address – mainly because of communication purposes. As a parent, you’re the first port of call in an emergency, so it’s vital the school can get in touch whenever and however they need to.

Utilities suppliers

Unless you want to continue paying energy bills for your old home, you’ll need to contact your current utilities providers and let them know the date you’re leaving. This ensures that you’re only charged for what you use – but it’s prudent to take pictures of your metres just in case you require proof.

Make sure to tell whoever provides your:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Television – satellite TV and TV licence

Vehicle related

Drivers have a few extra calls to make or emails to send, ensuring all the details regarding their car isn’t left in the dust. Make sure to contact:

  • The DVLA – to update your licence
  • Car insurance provider
  • Breakdown cover provider

Health services

If you’re changing doctors then make the transition as smooth as possible by letting your current GP know when you’re moving. If you’ve registered already with a new doctor, then your old one can forward the info on so your all up to date for your first check up.

The same will also apply for the following:

  • Dentists
  • Vets
  • Opticians

Insurance providers

In addition to vehicle insurance, make sure to tell all other insurance providers, too. Your location can have an effect on things like home insurance and contents insurance, so your new address will obviously be essential for updating your policies. And should you need to make a claim, having communication halted because your old address is on file will just add more stress to the situation.

Online billing services and subscriptions

While less of a ‘letting someone know’ and more of an ‘updating your own details’ it’s still handy to go through your online services and change your address. Doing this in advance will eliminate silly mistakes – such as forgetting to change your Amazon shipping address and wondering why your parcel hasn’t arrived over week later.

Postal service

An Post offers a simple post redirect service which can be a lifesaver if you’re short on time. Setting this up will redirect any mail sent to your old address to your new one, without further delays or worry about letters getting lost in the postal system. It’s a temporary service which operates for up to a year, so you’ll have to change your address with anyone you might have missed eventually. But in the short term, this will help alleviate a lot of the stress.

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