What Size Removals Truck Do I Need?

It’s easy to underestimate exactly how much space all your belongings will take up during a house move. Once everything is boxed up, dismantled and categorised, it’s no fun discovering that your moving van falls short of your needs.

The moving truck is one of the most important parts of your move. You will want a vehicle that fits all your possessions with ease, but not so much that you could have saved money with something more compact.

Your moving truck should be sorted out in ample time before moving day, so in this article we’re giving you an idea of the kinds of trucks you can expect for your move.

How big is your move?

A common way of estimating the size of your removals truck is to use the size of your property as a guideline. Naturally, a one-bedroom flat will probably require something smaller than three-bed semi, so this is a decent starting point.

Having a general idea of the moving truck beforehand will be helpful until you are able to get a more specific idea. You’ll be able to better plan the move during the weeks leading up to the date, making the packing and decluttering process much easier.

Small moves

For smaller moves such as a studio apartment, you won’t need something as extensive as a Luton van. Instead, you’re probably better off with a long wheel based transit van. You can expect a van of this size to fit a decent amount of boxes, appliances and furniture. This might include roughly 20 medium-sized boxes, along with various pieces of furniture and kitchen appliances – fridge freezer, washing machine etc. This size might also be suitable for a 1 bedroom flat, although something with more space will probably be a safer bet.

Medium-to-large moves

For larger flats or 2 bedroom houses, it’s almost certain you’ll need something bigger.

A 3.5 tonne Luton van can be perfect for couples moving from a two bedroom flat or two bedroom terraced house, for example, although you might need something bigger depending on the volume of possessions. You’ll still be able to fit a hefty amount into one of these trucks, but for bigger households you’ll need something more substantial.

Large moves

For a family move from a three-bed semi, you’ll want to draw out the big guns. The 7.5 tonne Luton van offers exceptional storage space for larger moves. This truck is the most common size of removals truck, and is certainly recommended if you’re transporting a lot of heavy furniture along with your boxed goods.

Moving truck guidance

Many removals are carried out to a strict deadline. The wrong-sized truck will mean having to make multiple journeys back and forth between the old and new house, which is the perfect recipe for a stressful and exhausting day.

To ensure you have the optimal-sized truck from the start, talk to your removals firm. Two Men And A Truck carry out an in-depth house survey as part of the service. This gives you a chance to discuss your move with an experienced surveyor at your own home. They will give a clear estimate of the size of the move and the most suitable truck to transport your belongings.

Instead of trying to squeeze everything into a small van at the last minute, call in the professionals to take the stress and strain out of your moving day.

Two Men And A Truck are proud to be the fourth largest removals firm in the worldWe tailor your move to your exact requirements, with our friendly and knowledgeable team with you every step of the way. We have a huge fleet of moving trucks on hand to provide safe and efficient transit of your entire householdno matter the size or scale. To find out moresimply contact our friendly team today.