What to Consider When Relocating Home

When you move home, you’re uprooting from your routine and starting a new chapter in your life. Whatever your situation – from employment to social and family commitments – relocating is bound to bring at least a little disruption, so it pays to plan ahead.

There are a lot of considerations to make to ensure you transition smoothly to your new home – and the next part of your life – so take some time to read about these considerations before you dive in and sell up.

How will it affect your job?

If you’re moving nearby and plan to keep your current job, this won’t be such a change, but you’ll still have to think about travel and your commute. If you’re looking to move to a particular area, and keeping your current position is simply not feasible, then scour the job market to see if there are opportunities available.

Could you potentially transfer within your company? Or will you have to balance finding a new home while also finding a job? Do you have enough in your savings to provide short term support for you and your family so you can look for a job after the move?

Freelance and remote workers will have much more freedom here, and can enjoy much more leeway in choosing location over logistics.

Will you lose too much?

You’re going to gain a lot from a well-planned relocation, but you’ll also have to make some sacrifices. Close family ties might be harder to maintain, you and your family may have to say goodbye to close friends, and you might miss out on your favourite local pubs, clubs, shops and attractions.

Once you’ve found an area, spend some time there. Explore. Look for potential new haunts and work out how easy it’d be to go back and visit your friends and family. If you live in the countryside, think about how life in the city will be different – and vice versa – and make plans to maintain that connection to your old stomping ground.

Of course, if you’re desperate for a clean break, you probably won’t be losing anything you’re not prepared to – so you’ll face a lot less stress once the move is complete.


Moving with kids usually means finding a new school. Socially, this can be hard for children; they’re losing contact with friends and they have to adapt to a new environment quickly. When changing schools, timing is important. If you can move once term is over, your children can start the new term afresh, instead of having to find their place halfway through. This also means they won’t miss out on school time like they could if you moved during term time.

If possible, arrange for you and your child to visit the new school sometime before you move. This allows them to become familiar with their new classmates, teachers and the new school environment, making that first day much easier for them.


It’s unlikely that you’ll move to a home that’s the exact same size as your current one. Downsizing can save you money and bring a number of lifestyle benefits – particularly for retired couples or those who want something that’s lower maintenance. One obvious thing you’ll have to think about is space; is there enough room in the new house to store all your stuff? If you’ve got too much, have a clearout by selling, throwing away and donating surplus belongings.

You could also consider short term self storage to alleviate some of that initial clutter until you’re more settled.


On the other hand, a growing family will need a bigger home to grow into. A common strategy is to find a housing development and move into a new build. These are often future proofed for large families, offering homes with enough bedrooms and strong transport links for a young, professional couple looking to raise a kid or two (or three).


For first time buyers, the climb onto the property ladder will be littered with financial considerations. Mortgage, bills, loans, deposits – you have a lot to plan. Talk to your family, your bank, your agency and others in your situation to make sure you have your head around all the prerequisites.

A ‘help to buy’ scheme can offer essential financial support, and it also pays to be realistic with your timetable. If you’re desperate to move but need some extra financial security before it’s feasible, take a breath and put together a long term plan. A house move is something you definitely don’t want to rush.

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