Top Reasons To Move To Dublin

As one of Europe’s most diverse, historic and thriving locales, Dublin could be your dream destination if a move is on the cards. Whether you’re searching for a change of scenery, looking to rejuvenate your working life, or fancy diving right into a cosmopolitan, lively city, there are plenty of reasons to pick Dublin as your new place of residence. Here, we’re taking a look at some of them.


From the Vikings to U2, a lot has happened in Dublin over the years. Just take to the streets to see it for yourself: bullet holes from the 1916 Risingstill remain in the walls of the General Post Office, and there’s plenty to learn about the years of British rule, the subsequent War of Independence and cultural revolution. Dublin has seen it all – and has much more yet to come.

Easy to get around

Travelling through the city is a breeze. Not only is it pretty easy – and satisfying – to experience Dublin on foot, but the public network system is top notch, too. The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) gets you through the city fast and frequent, there are many bus routes to take you through the city centre and suburbs, or you can hop on the Luas tram system. Wherever you want to go in Dublin, it won’t take you long.

Gorgeous coastline

It’s nice to know that, should city centre life get on top of you, the coast is just a tram ride away. Dun Laoghaire is spectacular on a sunny day, with pier walks and cosy coastal village streets the perfect weekend adventure.

Guinness on tap

One of the major tourist traps of Dublin is the famous Guinness Storehouse. Tours provide an in-depth look at the history of Ireland’s favourite drink, but living in Dublin means you have easy access to on-tap Guinness like you’ve never tasted before.

Green retreats

Dublin has parks and open areas all over. From the expansive Phoenix Park to smaller spots for a quick stroll or dog walk, parks are plentiful. The National Botanic Gardens never disappoint, and the historic Iveagh Gardens (complete with waterfall) are timeless. In Dublin, you’ll find the perfect balance between city living and countryside retreats.


Moving to Dublin means working in Dublin, and becoming a part of a true resurgence of the city. There’s a real energy that’s been running through Dublin in recent years, one that’s been largely absent for a while. From startups to infrastructure, Dublin is seeing growth just about everywhere right now. So why not join in?

The people

Like many places it’s the people that make the city, and Dublin is filled with friendly, interesting, diverse individuals who help make the atmosphere truly special. If you want to move to a city where you’ll be made to feel instantly at home, Dublin is ideal.

The culture

With such a diverse populace – and a rich history running through the streets – it’s no surprise that Dublin has a cultural identity all its own. Whether it’s the local sports of hurling and gaelic football, the deep literary vibes of Joyce, Yeats and Wilde, or simply the local socialising in the many pubs and cafés, the cultural depth of Dublin has to be seen to be believed.

The food

You know you’ll never be short of choice for dinner when you live in Dublin. Brunch in particular is a local specialty, but you’ll also find just about any kind of breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack you could ever desire. Roam the streets and let your stomach lead you to any number of traditional local eateries – or seek out the rife international flavour, instead.

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