Is There A Best Time of Year to Move?

Moving home can often be a long and drawn-out process but once it looks like your move is coming to fruition, you’ll be eager to set the date as soon as you can.

In this article, we’re looking at the pros and cons of moving at different times throughout the year, so you know what time would suit you best when looking to move into your brand new property.


The season of new beginnings. Spring may be an ideal time to move for many with the weather looking calm, predictable and safe. Unlike some other seasons, there won’t be any outside disruptions from public holidays or periods of celebration, so your plans will likely be easier to make and manage. Springtime is also a flexible period if you have children to think about. You can take advantage of the half term breaks if you’d like to move without having to worry about school arrangements – and the kids will be able to give a helping hand, too!


Summer can be a tricky time to move, and largely depends on the arrangements of other people. Summertime is obviously a popular holiday period, and while you’re trying to get plans together you might find others relaxing abroad, forcing you to delay. The weather can also be extreme, particularly throughout July and early August, which can make all the heavy lifting and commuting tiresome and unpleasant work.

However, the long school holidays could be the perfect opportunity to carry out a move. The end of a school year is the perfect transition time for kids, who can look forward to starting a new term along with others instead of having to join in part-way through. Moving towards the end of summer might be the ideal solution. The weather will be more agreeable and you can still take advantage of the holidays before the new term starts.


Like the spring, autumn can be a flexible and less stressful time to move for many homebuyers. For one, the summer heatwave will have subsided so the physical act of moving will be easier to handle for most. Cooler conditions can really make a difference, and autumn is usually a calmer time of year in general. This can help to make the whole process feel less rushed and a bit more relaxed. Of course, the new school year starts in autumn so you’ll have to think about how moving affects arrangements with your children.


There’s a reason winter is seen as the most stressful time of year, and adding the stress of moving home on top of that might be too much for some. The weather can be highly influential around this time, with the cold and icy conditions making the roads hazardous. It is often safer to make the journey in less extreme seasons. You also have Christmas and New Year’s to think about. Planning and carrying out a move throughout the festive period can be tough, and will require some strong organisational skills.

Moving home before Christmas, however, can make for a fitting transition for your family. You’ll be able to celebrate the holidays in new surroundings, which can help to really make your new house feel like home. You will also be ready to face the new year afresh, and this mindset of change and new beginnings can be just what you need to make the oncoming year a success. The winter can be a quiet time for removal companies, so you might find more freedom in the winter, especially just after new year, when arranging the move date itself.

Professional home movers

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