Pros and Cons of DIY House Removals

For some people, the experience of moving home might be a brand new one, and even experienced homeowners might be tempted to try and carry out the move themselves. There are a range of pros and cons to moving house under your own steam, and to help you weigh up whether it’s the right thing for you, we’ve put together a quick list.


One of the big pros for anyone carrying out their home removals themselves is the fact that you can work to your own schedule. There is no precise time which you have to have everything packed and loaded by, nor is there a limit to the amount of trips you make. You could even spread the move across several days if you want to go at a slower pace and you’re moving into an empty property.

Similarly, you’ll also get the freedom of choosing when you pack and unpack. Perhaps you don’t want to unload everything into the house at first. Taking the time to assess the new space you have can be liberating, preventing you from bringing items into a room for the sake of it.

Finally, moving everything yourself is good exercise! You’ll be getting some good general cardio going back and forth for the day, while the heavy lifting – if you can handle it – gives your muscles a great workout throughout your body.


There are plenty of things people don’t consider when they take on their own removal, the first thing being the risk of injury. Lifting heavy boxes isn’t as simple as it might seem, it’s easy to strain your muscles, drop things on your toes or rest them on your fingers when lowering them. More often than not, most people forget that specialist equipment is needed.

Hiring a van is often essential for moving large items, so be sure to factor this cost – and the cost of refuelling the vehicle – into your plans. The alternative is to make multiple trips in your own smaller vehicle. Either way, unless you own your own van, you’re probably going to be forking out more than you imagined.

If you’re happy to spread the move out, great, but for those with limited time, it will be a real struggle. It often takes people several hours longer to get the job done than a professional removals company. This is due to a lack of experience and proper equipment.

Another issue with moving your own things is that, unless you have plenty of previous experience, you may unknowingly damage your items. This is especially true for breakables, with people not taking enough care when packing, stacking, transporting and unpacking them.

Professional removals in Ireland

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