Moving Office – Important Considerations to Make

An office relocation will likely be the largest fundamental change you’ve ever had to make to your business. As you can imagine, there is a lot to think about, starting long before the actual moving day rolls around.

To help you prepare for an upcoming office move, we’ve put together this handy planning guide which covers key considerations to make before moving offices.

The planning stages

As soon as you identify the need to move office, planning for your relocation will take up the majority of your time. The early stages are vital. They present the ideal opportunity for you to consider the future of your company, as well as figuring out what key features of your business you would like to change or improve.

An office move is a fresh start and can fill your business with renewed enthusiasm, so dedicate some time to planning new strategies that can be put in place once you’re settled in. Having a firm plan in place in the run up to the move will help build enthusiasm, motivation and morale for the move throughout your company.

Communication is vital every step of the way. Whether you employ ten people or a hundred, send regular updates to employees so they know exactly what is going on and they are made aware should plans change. Offer opportunities for employees to have their say; they may offer insight, advice, ideas or raise issues you might not have considered.

Make it clear early on how a move will (or will not) affect the business and be ready to answer any questions or concerns anyone might have.

Before the move

Choosing the right office removal company is a major step. They will be a key component in making sure the move goes according to plan, so liaise with them consistently to keep your plans up to date and to schedule. Your office removal project manager will help you plan a timeline of the move, and will also instruct you on what your employees will need to arrange before moving day – how to organise and pack their belongings, how to label boxes etc.

You’ll need to have a floor plan in place to ensure a smooth transition to your new office. Visit your new site early on, then regularly as plans develop to get a clear idea on size, space and measurements. Once you’ve devised a desk and seating plan, share this with the project manager so they can make arrangements for an efficient move.

Administration tasks will be more pressing as time goes by, so be meticulous here. There will be a lot to juggle, from utility and insurance costs of your new building, to accommodating for potential downtime and updating the details of your company. It’s best to get these in order in good time before the move, so there aren’t any unexpected surprises once you settle in. Keep clients informed of your plans, and look into the possibility of carrying over any contracts you might have, with cleaning firms, for example.

The move itself

Hopefully the move takes place at a time that isn’t too disruptive – the weekend is usually preferable. When prepping equipment for removal, make sure your employees are safe. Don’t let them lift too much or handle any dangerous equipment. The office movers will  dismantle furniture and handle heavy machinery or items, so just have your employees organise things clearly to make the removal process as quick and simple as can be.

You’ll likely have a lot of stray items you can easily be rid of, so definitely focus on what can stay behind. You can donate much of what you don’t need, such as excess tables, chairs or decorations, so try to be ruthless.

This is incredibly important if you’re downsizing, but also handy if you’re gaining space. A bigger office is the ideal chance to freshen up the internal image of your company, so think about new decor and designs when deciding what to bring with you.


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