How to Lift Heavy Objects Responsibly

Unless you happen to be a powerlifter in your spare time, lifting heavy objects can be a dangerous thing for your body. Despite how robust our physical forms may be, there is always a personal limit that you should never try to force your way beyond.

For many people, their lifting capacity would be greatly improved if they had the training on how to lift heavy objects correctly. Lifting heavy items without the proper technique usually results in an injury of some sort, with some people sustaining lasting damage because they’ve never been shown the correct lifting form.

We’re going to give a brief step-by-step guide to lifting heavy objects in the correct way.

Lifting Heavy Objects – An Overview

  1. Assess the load – The first thing you need to do is to think about the lift. Ask yourself where you’re going to take the item, whether the path is clear, and whether you can make the journey unaided.
  2. Hold the load at your waist – Keeping the load as close to your waist as possible will help keep pressure on your back to a minimum.
  3. Keep your feet apart – To give yourself some stability, keep your feet apart and place one leg slightly ahead of the other to help with balance.
  4. Get a grip – Take a second to figure out how you’ll grip the item. If it doesn’t have a way to properly grip it, will you be able to lift the item?
  5. Keep your back straight – The most important tip to take away from this guide is to not bend your back as you lift. Keep the strength in your knees with only a small bend in your back initially if required – this will prevent any injuries. While bending your back can seem like the easy option, you risk damaging your body.
  6. Rise in a straight manner – If you try to turn your body as you lift, you’re also likely to cause yourself some damage. Keep your shoulders and neck facing in the same direction as your hips.
  7. Face forwards – To ensure you move off safely, stay facing forwards. This is something you can plan when choosing the direction from which you’re intending to pick the object up from.
  8. Don’t try to do too much! – Don’t show off when lifting objects, there is only so much you personally can carry, so if you aren’t able to do the lifting, seek some help – either from friends or a professional removals company.
  9. Lower the object slowly – Take your time lowering an object down, especially if it contains fragile items. If you need to move the item once it’s down, try to do so without lifting it again by sliding it around where you can.

Too many people underestimate the load of an item, struggling onwards without realising the lasting damage they are doing. Keeping the correct posture is vitally important if you’re going to continually lift heavier items, but it’s also generally good practice to ensure you keep your body in good shape.

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